Providing homes in North Queensland with long-lasting, hard-wearing, polished concrete floors.

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Things You Can Have From Advanced Concrete Polishing

If you own a home, a business, office or commercial space or even a manufacturing facility around Townsville, you might want concrete polishing, which is the best kind of flooring available. This you can definitely have from Advanced Concrete Polishing, and our name is our virtue, as they say.

That is we provide you with advanced concreting processes, products and results that are second to none in this area, and in Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands. We are the certified Husqvarna providers in North Queensland.

We have been proudly providing clients with concrete flooring that provides: 

High quality and durable installs, usually ten times above the average standard for advanced or polished concrete from other contractors. 

A surface that is very low maintenance and yet maintains that high gloss for a long time, even with hard use and heavy traffic. 

Have a home whose floor is safe from allergens or bacteria growth, and more, an eco-friendly and energy efficient one.

Our Process Is Assured By The Husqvarna Seal Of Quality

This seal of quality is not something you see on many contractors. In fact, this is something we are quite proud of for good reasons. One is that quality is always up there in the Husqvarna process in advanced concrete flooring or polishing jobs.

All over the world, the Husqvarna quality has no equal, and certification for this process is something that many other contractors are applying for or trying to qualify for. In North Queensland, we are the best qualified contractor for the Husqvarna process.

Going To Advanced Concrete Specialists In Townsville

Whether you want a reconcreting project done, a remodel of old floor surfaces or a totally new floor installation, we are the specialists you can rely on in Townsville.

We made sure we have the Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR certification done before looking for clients. The Husqvarna qualification is among the best available today.

For the best, most advanced materials, equipment and qualified professional job, talk to us today. Our number is at 0431 510 624 or email us at [email protected]

Concrete Polishing Townsville
Concrete Polishing Townsville

We use state of the art diamond concrete grinding technology to resurface concrete. Our dust-free methods and equipment are the safe, environmentally friendly
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Concrete Polishing Townsville
Concrete Polishing Townsville

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